Rules of the Festival


  1. The Festival is open to all amateurs.  For purposes of these competitions, an amateur shall be defined as a person whose principal means of livelihood is obtained from non-musical work, with the exception of non-competitive classes.
  2. Age:  To qualify where an age limit is set, the age should be as of the December previous to the date of the Festival.
  3. To qualify for a class in which a grade level is set, the competitor must not perform below the grade he or she was studying as of the December previous to the date of the Festival.


  1.  Fees

$5        Solos   

$8        Duets, 18 and under (An exception to this is when a teacher, parent or older student plays as part of the duet.  In that case, only the students pays the entry fee.)

$10      Duets, Adults  

$12      Trios

$10      Quartets, Double Trios, Choruses, Bands and Church Choirs


  1.  Entries for duets, trios, etc., must have the names of all participants on one entry form.
  2. Make cheques payable to the “Temiskaming Festival of Music”, c/o Mary Light,

P.O. Box 1993, New Liskeard, Ontario P0J 1P0

  1. Contestants may only compete in one age limit solo and any open or special events per discipline (violin, piano, etc.) in the same age limit.  In addition, contestants may only compete once in each class – this applies to upwards of six people in a group.

Clarification of this rule is as follows:

                        A student may compete in:

  • One class only between 4411 and 4415 inclusively.
  • One class only between 4201 and 4213 inclusively.
  • One class only between 2201 and 2204 inclusively.
  • One class only between 3301 and 3305 inclusively.
  1. All entries must be registered online or sent to the Secretary by February 28th of every Festival year.  Any late entries will be denied entrance.
  2. Contestants are requested to notify the Secretary at least one day before the Festival, if they are unable to perform. (email sent to


  1. Two marks will be deducted for piano or vocal solos not memorized. Except for: RCM - Piano Grades - Etudes - memorized is not required.
  2. In open piano solos, Sonatinas, Bach, etc., contestants may not play the piece they played the previous year.
  3. A chosen piece may be transposed to suit the caliber of a contestant’s voice.
  4. Costumes, actions and staging are to be reserved for Broadway/Live Musical and/or Popular/Decade categories ONLY.


  1. Instrumental duets need not be memorized.


  1. All Contestants shall provide their own accompanist.  If unable to do so, please contact committee member by email to no later than March 1 of the Festival year, for name suggestions.  Competitive classes only.  Please NO recorded accompaniment.
  2. The accompanist must play the accompaniment for vocal or instrumental numbers as written, when available.

Instrumental Combos

  1. An instrumental combination means five (5) instruments or less.
  2. In instrumental classes, repeats are to be omitted, unless otherwise specified.


  1. Classroom Choirs:  All students normally on the classroom roll are expected to be included.  It is not necessary that the classroom teacher conduct the choir.
  2. All elementary school classes will be non-competitive.
  3. Adult choirs are to be vocal ensembles consisting of at least fifteen (15) voices singing no less than three parts – SAB/SATB.
  4. In the Rose Bowl competition, entrants must have competed in their own classes, and will perform 3 pieces.  Competitors must choose two contrasting pieces other than the ones chosen for other classes entered.  One shall be accompanied, and one shall be unaccompanied.  The third piece will be a required accompanied selection that all Rose Bowl entrants shall perform.

Policy on Photocopies

  1. For an own choice piece, an original copy of the music must be available for the Adjudicator.
  2. For music chosen by the Festival committee, an original copy of the music will be supplied by the Festival.

Absolutely no photocopies will be accepted unless music is out of print.


Class Sizes

  1. The committee reserves the right to subdivide any classes or make any changes necessary or desirable.


  1. Conductors of choruses or orchestras may be either professional or amateur.


  1. All shields and trophies for annual competition are the property of the Festival and shall be held by the winners until ONE MONTH before the next Festival, then returned to Source for Sports, in Temiskaming Shores, or to a committee member.
  2. The Festival Committee will pay for engraving the date and name of winners on cups and trophies, but not for additional wording.
  3. Unless a contestant receives 80 marks or more for first place, neither a trophy nor an award will be given.

Video Cameras and Flash Cameras

  1. Absolutely no use of flash during a performance.
  2. The subject of a video recorder must only be the performing artist, not the adjudicator or any adjudication.

Admission Charges

  1. An admission charge of $3 will be made for all sessions for non-participating adults and $2 for students.  Children under 5 free.  A Season ticket, good for all sessions, is $10.
  2. The Festival Committee reserves the right to ask anyone causing a disturbance to leave the hall.


  1. Any cheques presented as awards that are not cashed after six months will be considered NULL and VOID and will not be replaced.