Rules of the Festival & Pledges

Please read the following carefully before registering for the festival.


1. The following rules have been prescribed to ensure equal fairness for all participants in The Temiskaming Festival of Music, which is hereinafter called "The Festival". The Temiskaming Festival of Music shall be under the management of the The Temiskaming Festival of Music Board, hereinafter called "The Board".

2. All matters not dealt with in these rules shall be referred to the Board, whose decision on such matters shall be final and binding on all concerned.

General Rules

3. It is the responsibility of every participant, and/or parent/guardian, and/or teacher to ensure that they read and comply with the Rules governing The Festival.

4. By submitting the registration form, the participant agrees to receive electronic communications from The Festival.

5. By submitting the registration form, the participant consents, without monetary gains and in perpetuity, to the publication of their name and performance time in the Festival programme.

6. Any participant who does not wish to have their photo taken and/or posted on the Festival Website/Facebook page or the newspaper for the purpose of promoting the Festival must indicate as such in the appropriate comment box on the registration form. Implied consent will be assumed for those who do not make such comments on their registration form.

7. The official syllabus, entry fees, and online registration may be obtained through our website at


8. It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure the eligibility of the class and repertoire. Acceptance of the registration form and/or entry fees by the Board does not automatically ensure accuracy or eligibility.

9. The Festival is open to all amateurs. For purposes of these competitions, an amateur shall be defined as a person whose principal means of livelihood is obtained from non-musical work, with the exception of non-competitive classes.

10. To qualify where an age limit is set, the age shall be as of December 31st prior to the date of the Festival (ie. Dec 31, 2023 for the 2024 Festival). For duets and other groups, average the ages of the group then round down to the nearest age class.

11. To qualify for a class in which a grade level is set, the competitor must not perform below the grade they were studying as of December 31st prior to the date of the Festival.


12. Participants may only compete in one age limit solo per discipline (violin, piano). Example, a 12yr old participant entering in the 14 and under class may not enter the 12 and under class for the same discipline. In addition, participants may only perform once in each class. Similarly, groups may only perform once in each class.

13. Entries for groups of 2-3 participants must have the names of all participants on one entry form for some of the classes.

14. An instrumental combination means two to five instruments.

15. All solo participants shall provide their own accompanist. An attempt will be made to list available accompanists, with their consent, on the Festival website. If the participant is unable to provide their own accompanist, please contact the Festival committee via email ( no later than March 1st of the Festival year for name suggestions. This is for competitive classes only. Recorded accompaniment is prohibited.

16. The Board reserves the right to subdivide any classes or make any changes necessary or desirable.

17. The Board reserves the right to cancel any discipline that has insufficient entries.

18. The Board reserves the right to refuse any registration form.

19. Choose music that is appropriate for family-friendly audiences.

20. A participant may only use a piece of music for one class.

21. Any repertoire performed by a participant in any previous Festival year shall not be performed in the current year by said participant.

22. Respect copyright - music must be from valid sources.

23. For an own choice piece, an original copy of the music must be available for the adjudicator. Absolutely no photocopies will be accepted unless the music is out of print or from a valid online digital download, in which case, the website address must be available for proof.

24. All entries must be registered online and completed, including payment, by the end of February of every Festival year.

25. Payments may be made by the following:
a. e-transfer to "", please indicate invoice # and the participant's full name in the message section of the e-transfer.

b. credit card at checkout (not available at this time), or

c. cheque made payable to "Temiskaming Festival of Music" (address: Temiskaming Festival of Music, ℅ Treasurer, PO Box 1993, New Liskeard, ON P0J 1P0) . Please indicate the invoice# and the participant's full name on the memo line of the cheque.

26. The Board is not responsible for incomplete registrations, lack of payment, or for last minute registrations that encounter internet problems.

27. The Board is not responsible for missed performances. There will be no refunds for missed performances.

28. Registration fees will not be refunded except where the entry is rejected by the Board and exceptional circumstances such as death or hospitalization.

29. Participants are to notify The Board of any change of personal information following submission of the registration form.

30. Participants who wish to withdraw must notify the Board as early as possible. Their fees will not be refunded.

31. Participants are requested to notify the Festival committee at least one day before the Festival, via email "" if they are unable to perform.


32. The accompanist must play the accompaniment for vocal or instrumental numbers as written, when available.

33. Memorization of pieces is only required for piano and vocal solos. Two marks will be deducted for piano and vocal solos not memorized. Exception - memorization is not required for RCM Piano Grades - Etudes and Popular Selection List.

34. Open piano solos, sonatinas, Bach, etc. - participants must not play the piece they played in the previous year.

35. Vocal solos - a chosen piece may be transposed to suit the caliber of a participant's voice.

36. Costumes, actions, and staging are reserved for Broadway/Live Musical and/or Popular/Decade categories ONLY.

37. Instrumental classes - repeats are to be omitted unless otherwise specified. Da Capo must be observed but go to the 2nd ending.

38. Classroom Choirs - All students normally on the classroom roll are expected to be included. It is not necessary that the classroom teacher conduct the choir.

39. All elementary school choir classes will be non-competitive.

40. Adult choirs are to be vocal ensembles consisting of at least fifteen voices singing no less than three parts - SAB/SATB.

41. In the Rose Bowl Competition, entrants must have participated in their own classes, and will perform three pieces.
Participants must choose two contrasting pieces other than the ones chosen for other classes entered. One shall be accompanied, and one shall be unaccompanied. The third piece will be a required accompanied selection that all Rose Bowl entrants shall perform.

42. Conductors of choruses or orchestras/bands may be either professional or amateur.

Cameras (of any kind) & the Internet

43. Photos and videos are prohibited without the express consent of the participant(s) to be recorded.

44. Any recordings (photos/videos, etc), taken with permission, shall not be posted on the internet (including and not limited to social media) without the express consent of the individuals in the recording.

45. Absolutely no use of flash during a performance.

46. The subject of a recording shall only be the participant, not the adjudicator or any adjudication.

Awards and Trophies

47. Presented at the discretion of the adjudicator and the Board.

48. May be transferred from one discipline to another at the discretion of the Board.

49. Monetary funds will be paid by cash.

50. All shields and trophies for the annual competition are the property of the Festival and shall be held by the winners until the end of February of the following year, then returned to Source for Sports in Temiskaming Shores or to a board member.

51. The Board will pay for engraving the date and name of the winners on cups and trophies, and not for additional wording.

52. An award and/or a trophy is only awarded to a first place mark of 80% or higher.

53. The adjudicator's decisions are final.

Admission to the Festival and Grand Concert

54. Admission to the Festival and the Grand Concert is by free-will-donation.

55. Grand Concert tickets can be obtained from the Festival website. This is the preferred method so that the Festival Board can track admission numbers (ie. # of attendees to aid in choosing venues with sufficient seating, donations). 'At the door admissions' will also be available.

56. The Board reserves the right to ask anyone causing a disturbance to leave the hall.

Festival Communication

57. The Festival will communicate almost exclusively via email. A valid email address that you refer to on a regular basis must be provided. Please ensure that your inbox recognizes "".

58. Information will be provided on the Festival website "website address" and Facebook page "address".

59. All contact information collected is kept confidential and will never be rented, sold, shared or used for any purpose other than to communicate with you.

60. The Board reserves the right to alter the syllabus at any time during the Festival year. Changes will be published on the website and Facebook. Registered participants affected by the change will also be notified via email, either directly or through their teacher or parent.

61. Questions, complaints, and feedback can be sent to the Board via email ( or letter at Temiskaming Festival of Music ℅ Secretary, PO Box 1993, New Liskeard, ON P0J 1P0.

62. Grand Concert - Award winners and participants to perform in the Grand Concert will be chosen by the adjudicators and notified by a Festival Board member with information regarding venue, date/time, etc.

Participant's Pledge

As a participant in the Temiskaming Festival of Music, I will:

* Try my best and accept that sometimes mistakes happen
* Participate fairly and acknowledge the efforts of my fellow participants
* Be respectful and gracious no matter what the results may be
* Listen respectfully to the feedback from the adjudicator
* Use the adjudicator's feedback to try to improve
* Have fun and celebrate my participation!

Family & Teacher Pledge

As a supporter of a participant in the Temiskaming Festival of Music, I will:

* Support all of the participants in a positive and encouraging way
* Accept that each participant is trying their best and that sometimes mistakes happen
* Acknowledge the success and efforts of all participants regardless of the results of the competition
* Be respectful of the adjudicator and accept that differences of opinion are a natural part of making judgements and decisions
* Enjoy the performances and celebrate music!