2024 Syllabus - Bands - Competitive

A band consists of 6 or more musicians.

Participants must provide original music to the Adjudicator.

When you are registering, you will be asked the title of your piece. If you have not yet selected a song, simply write N/A. You can add a song title later.

Community Band

Class1105 - Community Concert BandFee$16.00Register
Class1106 - Community Stage BandFee$16.00Register

Elementary School Band

Class1010 - Grade 7Fee$16.00Register
Class1020 - Grade 8Fee$16.00Register
Class1030 - Mixed Grade 7 & 8Fee$16.00Register
Class1040 - Mixed GradeFee$16.00Register
Class1220 - Rock/Pop Band -1st YearFee$16.00Register
Class1240 - Rock/Pop Band -2nd YearFee$16.00Register

High School Band

Class1050 - Classroom Band Grade 9Fee$16.00Register
Class1070 - Junior DivisionFee$16.00Register
Class1080 - Intermediate DivisionFee$16.00Register
Class1090 - Senior DivisionFee$16.00Register
Class1100 - Concert BandFee$16.00Register
Class1110 - Stage BandFee$16.00Register
Class1230 - Rock/Pop Band -1st YearFee$16.00Register
Class1250 - Rock/Pop Band - 2nd YearFee$16.00Register

Marching Band

Class1260 - Marching BandFee$16.00Register

Bagpipe Band

Class1596 - Bagpipe BandFee$16.00Register