2024 Syllabus - Brass, Woodwind, Percussion - Adults - Non-Competitive

The combination classes are for groups of 3-5 musicians.

Participants must provide original music to the Adjudicator.

When you are registering, you will be asked the title of your piece. If you have not yet selected a song, simply write N/A. You can add a song title later.

Brass Combination

Class1580 - Brass CombinationFee$14.00Register

Woodwind Combination

Class1581 - Woodwind CombinationFee$14.00Register

Percussion Combination

Consisting of a combination of any of the percussion instruments.

Class1612 - Percussion CombinationFee$14.00Register

Instrumental Combination

This consists of any combination of brass, woodwind and/or percussion.

Class1582 - Instrumental CombinationFee$14.00Register

Brass Duet

Class1583 - Brass DuetFee$12.00Register

Woodwind Duet

Class1584 - Woodwind DuetFee$12.00Register

Percussion Duet

Class1611 - Percussion DuetFee$12.00Register

Instrumental Duet

A duet consisting of brass/woodwind, brass/percussion, or woodwind/percussion.

Class1585 - Instrumental DuetFee$12.00Register

Brass Solo

Class1586 - Brass SoloFee$6.00Register

Woodwind Solo

Class1587 - Woodwind SoloFee$6.00Register

Percussion Solo

Class1610 - Percussion SoloFee$6.00Register