2024 Syllabus - Piano - Popular Music - Non-Competitive

Own Choice
Piano Solo may come from a book or music that was purchased online.Original music must be provided to the Adjudicator.

Any Disney & Star Wars music should be different from the Piano Books that are listed for the Featured Category: Star Wars & Disney.

Participants may register for the Non-Competitive and Competitive class. In the event the participants register for BOTH classes, they require TWO different songs.

When you are registering, you will be asked the title of your piece. If you have not yet selected a song, simply write N/A. You can add a song title later.

As every Method Book is different, please use your own discretion for the category that is best suited for the student.

Early Beginner

Suggestion for Early Beginner:

The student has a basic understanding of note reading on the Music Staff. The student knows Quarter Notes, Half Notes, Dotted-Half Notes and Whole Notes. The student may also know Eighth Notes. The student may know Sharp and Flats. The student may know a few other musical symbols. The students plays in 2/4, 3/4 or 4/4 Time. Besides C Major, the student may know how to play in another Key

Class2330 - Early BeginnerFee$6.00Register


Suggestion for Beginner:

The student recognizes multiple notes on the Music Staff. The student may know ledger line notes. The student may know the Triplet. The student knows several musical symbols. The student maybe learning the Pedal. The student plays in 2/4, 3/4 or 4/4 Time. The student can play in three or more Key Signatures.

Class2332 - BeginnerFee$6.00Register

Late Beginner

Suggestions for Late Beginner:

The student is able to read notes across the Music Staff and knows a few to several ledger line notes. The student may know the Dotted-Quarter note and Sixteenth notes. The student maybe learning or developing their Pedal skills. The students knowledge of musical symbols continue to grow. The student may know 6/8 Time. The student can play in several Key Signatures.

Class2601 - Late BeginnerFee$6.00Register

Early Elementary Grade 1 & 2 level

Class2334 - Grade 1 & 2 levelFee$6.00Register

Late Elementary Grade 3 & 4 level

Class2336 - Grade 3 & 4 levelFee$6.00Register

Early Intermediate Grade 5 & 6 level

Class2338 - Grade 5 & 6 levelFee$6.00Register

Late Intermediate Grade 7 & 8 level

Class2340 - Grade 7 & 8 levelFee$6.00Register

Advanced Grade 9 & 10 level

Class2342 - Grade 9 & 10 levelFee$6.00Register