2024 Syllabus - Voice - Adults - Non-Competitive

Participants must provide original music to the Adjudicator.

When you are registering, you will be asked the title of your piece. If you have not yet selected a song, simply write N/A. You can add a song title later.


Class4801 - Popular Vocal SoloFee$6.00Register
Class4802 - French Vocal SoloFee$6.00Register
Class4803 - Folk Music SoloFee$6.00Register
Class4804 - Broadway/Live Musical Vocal SoloFee$6.00Register
Class4812 - Sacred Vocal SoloFee$6.00Register
Class4814 - RCM Vocal SoloFee$6.00Register
Class4821 - Oratorio - All Voice TypesFee$6.00Register
Class4824 - Operatic Solo - All Voice TypesFee$6.00Register


Class4830 - Vocal DuetFee$12.00Register
Class4831 - Soprano/Alto Vocal DuetFee$12.00Register
Class4832 - Soprano/Bass or Alto/Tenor Vocal DuetFee$12.00Register
Class4834 - Tenor/Bass Vocal DuetFee$12.00Register

Trio/Double Trio

Class4835 - Trio/Double TrioFee$14.00Register


Class4837 - QuartetFee$14.00Register

Family Ensemble

Class4839 - OpenFee$14.00Register

Vocal Concert Group

Class4840 - Grades 9 & 10 & ARCT- AdultsFee$14.00Register